Social Media Consultant / Media Activist


Futaba is the head of social media and media outreach at the Ackerman Institute’s Gender & Family Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering trans and gender expansive youth and their families through therapy, support groups, and resources.

Sensitivity Reader / Content Consultant

Futaba works freelance as a sensitivity reader for articles, brochures, essays, curriculums, and other media requiring a critical lens on Asian American and Pacific Islander and LGBTQIA+ content, with an emphasis on East Asian and Trans/GNC content.

Featured in:



Featured “Trans and Non-Binary Musical Theatre Actor to Know” in The Ensemblist.

Interview by Anna Altheide, discussing how to stay empowered and navigate the world of musical theatre as a Trans and Non-Binary Actor.


One More Thing

Guest on “One More Thing” Podcast with fellow non-binary actors Esco Jouley and Reed Northrup.

Discussion led by Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman about non-binary identity, culture, and dating, from Spongebob Squarepants to condiments.