I believe that media affects life as much as life affects media. If there is a lack of honest, multi-dimensional Asian and Asian American characters in our plays, musicals, films, TV, books, etc. and a continued stream of outdated stereotypes parading our consciousness, prejudices and assumptions will continue to harm our world. 

I aim to portray complex characters and create discussion about the racial issues present in our history and today's society. I think the most invaluable thing in the world is telling stories and having the underrepresented, silenced, and isolated heard in an effort to give us a sense of belonging and home.

We put it out, it gets enough money/attention/acclaim that other investors will start investing in other Asian stories, and with each new iteration of stories, there is a new nugget of truth that appeals to a new group of people who feel recognized, and maybe those who don’t will see themselves in the next iteration after that. It’s about getting the ball rolling, and the best way I can do that is to be really fucking good and specific now.
— Constance Wu
The more of us there are that are visible, the more commonplace it will become to people, and after a while, people aren’t even going to think twice about it..I play Laura Osnes’s stepsister [in Cinderella], the daughter of Harriet Harris, and the sister of Marla Mindelle, and not one person, not one reviewer, not one human being has ever said to me, ‘How is that possible? You are Asian’, you know. It’s just accepted. And I sort of feel like if we can just get to that place with every show, we wouldn’t have a problem. But, you know, we have to just keep saying, ‘We’re here, we are here.’
— Ann Harada